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Chandigarh has a pleasant winter and hot summer. Read on to know more about the climate and weather of Chandigarh city.

Chandigarh Weather

Chandigarh WeatherLocation: Punjab & Haryana, Northern India.
Altitude: 304-365 m above sea-level.
Summer Temperature: 45oc max and 30oc min
Winter Temperature: 20oc max and 04oc min
Average Rainfall: 1110.7 mm.
Best Time to Visit: October to March

The city of Chandigarh enjoys extreme weather conditions and a good amount of rainfall annually. This picturesque town is thronged by tourists throughout the year for the variety it offers to a visitor. The city houses innumerable beautiful gardens with a host of flowers and well manicured lawns to the delight of a nature lover. A basic idea about the weather of Chandigarh would make ones stay at the city even more pleasurable and the stay at the city can be planned accordingly.

The summer months in Chandigarh witness the mercury rising as high as 45oc. The season lasts from the month of March to mid July and is extremely hot. The months of May and June are exceptionally harsh. The average temperature during the summer months is somewhere between 35oc to 42oc.

July to September in Chandigarh is a time for monsoons. The annual average rainfall is around 1110.7 mm and is quite a respite from the scorching summer heat. The sight of the city after a fresh spell of rain is breathtaking with all the lush green lawns and trees towering over the streets being washed down. This brings a dip in the mercury between 25oc to 30oc. The spells followed by cool breeze make it an ideal time to take a walk to the beautiful Sukhna Lake. The showers bring some amount of humidity but it is usually tolerable.

This is the ideal season to visit the city of Chandigarh and enjoy the pleasant winter of the city. Winters are cool in Chandigarh especially due to its proximity to Himachal and it even gets chilly at times during this season. The temperature dips to as low as 04oc. The winter season lasts from the month of October to February. The month of November witnesses a spell of rain further reducing the already low temperatures and adding chill to the season. To add charm to the winters of Chandigarh is the fog which makes it really mesmerizing and romantic. In winters, sometimes frost can be seen on top of cars and benches etc. The afternoons in winter are the perfect time to venture out and explore the beauty of Chandigarh.

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